Philadelphians Heard Loud and Clear: We Need Jobs and a Good Future

On Tuesday night, hundreds of people from across Philadelphia came together to speak out about the need for creating good jobs for our city.

State Senator Vincent Hughes, State Representative Vanessa Brown and City Councilmembers Bill Green and Marian Tasco were also present and listened closely to what Philadelphia residents had to share about their lives, their families and their neighborhoods – and what we needed to do to turn around the picture for working class people in this city.

Throughout the evening, everything kept coming back to the need for creating good, family-sustaining jobs and making them accessible to everyone who needs them.

Folks also talked about how cutting taxes for rich people and corporations were ineffective in combating this recession.  In fact, as some people pointed out, the revenue we’re losing in Pennsylvania from everyone not paying their fair share is causing drastic cuts in public services throughout the city.

Patricia R., a highly trained electrician and cable broadcasting technician has been unemployed for quite some time.  She shared with the audience about how her days are filled with job-hunting, and her evenings with attending community meetings so that she can be a part of the change we need.   “We need good jobs to make our community grow and to prepare a good future for our young people,” she said.

Before heading out, folks who had been inspired by sharing and hearing all of these stories signed up for Fight for Philly’s upcoming Community Organizing Committee Meetings. These meetings are the next big step in growing this movement to hold corporations and politicians accountable regarding the concerns raised at the Speak Out, and to continue to improve our communities and all of Philadelphia.

Now is the time to come together so that we can all have our shot at building a better future for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Check out photos from the evening here and stay tuned for video of people speaking up!

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