Fight for Philly Marches with Hershey’s Student Workers

“Philly, Philly, can’t you see what Hershey’s done to me?”

On Friday, Fight for Philly marched with the international student workers who made national headlines by holding a factory sit-in at the Hershey’s Chocolate Company packing plant in central Pennsylvania.

The students paid $3,000-6,000 each to come to America this summer for what they thought would be a cultural exchange program. Instead, they found themselves in a situation that’s more bitter than sweet: packing chocolates at the Hershey’s plant in deeply exploitative conditions. Hershey claims it doesn’t employ these kids, but they certainly have the ability to make the company who does treat them fairly.

We started the day at 6th and Market streets, where Fight for Philly members and supporters of the students chanted and sang together. Fight for Philly organizer Aaron Troisi introduced the students, who told us some of their personal stories about working long hours of manual labor and how they’re not getting the “cultural exchange” that they came here for.

The group then spontaneously began marching along side the building that holds the Liberty Bell – a significant symbol for Fight for Philly – past Independence Hall, and back again.

Watch the video here:

The word is spreading about Fight for Philly and our mission. Just this past Saturday, the Philadephia Inquirer ran a story about our march.  You can read it here.

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  • Libbybelgrave

    welcome to America. Pay to come, pay to stay. work work work at least you got a real insight of the America many know and have seen