Fight for Philly Asks Senator Toomey: “Where Are The Jobs?”

More than 75 Philadelphia residents gathered outside Pat Toomey’s Center City office on Thursday, with one question for their Senator: Where are the jobs?

Northeast Philadelphian Edgar Aponte called on the Senator to maintain his campaign promise to create good jobs instead of putting CEOs and Wall Street bankers ahead of the rest of us.  “Senator Toomey, we would like your help.  You were elected to office in order to help us.  Where is the help for the working class and the middle class?”

Hoping to avoid public scrutiny of his anti-jobs voting record – and his insistence on focusing on the deficit rather than on getting this country back to work – Pat Toomey hasn‘t held a single open forum to give his constituents an opportunity to make their voices heard. So we brought the voices of the unemployed to Senator Toomey.

We were joined by the Toomey Watch – a group of unemployed folks who have been travelling the state throughout August to urge Pat Toomey to hold a town hall and address the jobs crisis. 

“If he won’t come to us, then we have to go to him. We have to make our voices heard.  He is supposed to be the Senator of all people, but it seems like he is only worried about corporations, millionaires and billionaires,” said Dan Haney, a member of the Toomey Watch brigade.  “We need jobs, and not tax breaks for the wealthy.”

Even though Toomey did not come downstairs to greet our crowd, there’s no question our chants of “Jobs not Cuts!” were heard loud and clear.  After a long while of waiting for him or his staff to acknowledge us, a representative from his office accepted a special delivery: nearly one hundred messages from Philadephians demanding good jobs that can support a family.

UPDATE (8/30/11): You can now watch video of the event here:

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