A Cautionary Tale: Work That Needs To Be Done in North Philly

The intersection of Broad and Glenwood was a sight to see on Thursday afternoon. Wrapped in yellow caution tape and highlighting the need to fix the country’s ailing bridges and highways, Fight for Philly volunteers were well-received by the honking, fist-pumping passers-by. It was a reminder that when buildings and bridges crumble due to neglect, the community crumbles as well.

People have been driving and walking on bridges that are cracked and in need of repair. Philadelphia residents have been living next to vacant houses that are occupied by rodents and disease.  Children attend schools that are underfunded and have cut programs.  It was out of this despair that brought us to North Broad Street on Thursday.

There were supporters on each side of the street hoisting flags, chanting, and handing out fliers for upcoming meetings.  It was exciting to see people stop and ask about the meetings and the Fight for Philly campaign.

“It was so uplifting to look down the street,” said Dave. “There were people on each corner having a conversation about the American Jobs Act and what it could do for Pennsylvania.”

If you want to join the Fight for Philly, see more about we are and where we’ll be!

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