Mourning The Loss of Jobs in Philadelphia

Last evening – the eve of the U.S. Senate’s vote on the American Jobs Act – Fight for Philly held a candlelight vigil where we mourned the loss of jobs and the opportunities afforded to Philadelphia neighborhoods that we’ve experienced over the last few years. Attendees urged Senator Pat Toomey to stand with Philadelphians still struggling through an economy in crisis, instead of Wall Street banks and wealthy corporations.

The event began at City Hall. Fight for Philly was joined by the activists and supporters of the Occupy Philly campaign.

After we assembled, we marched up Market Street and to the 24th Street Bridge on Market Street. This bridge is one of thousands of bridges in our country that is recognized as being “structurally deficient” and in need of repair.

As the crowd held brightly lit candles, organizer Juanita Sanchez spoke about how repairing our crumbling bridges, streets and communities could provide some desperately needed jobs for the city. We then had an open round of discussion on job-related topics, giving local activists a chance to speak up (and even occasionally sing).

The vigil successfully drew attention to the need for infrastructure investment, and how it’s a way to guide the country out of the on-going economic slump.

With Pennsylvania leading the nation in structurally deficient bridges, these sort of projects could build for our present and our future.

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