Why Won’t They Walk With Us?

Last Thursday, Fight for Philly brought activists from Philadelphia’s blighted neighborhoods to Wells Fargo’s and Senator Toomey’s door in Center City.

We took a “Garden Tour” through neighborhoods in the North, Northeast, West and Southwest sections of the city.  What was painfully clear was that these neighborhoods have been neglected for far too long.

Watch the video here:

As we got off the bus and walked around to take a closer look at our city’s abandoned and foreclosed homes, and our crumbling bridges, streets and sidewalks, we took note of how our neighborhoods became like this.

Volunteers discussed how corporations and the tax loopholes that they exploit actually starve our communities of the funds that would actually be used to keep our communities clean and running.

In all, the tour highlighted the fact that we could put thousands of people back to work fixing our neighborhoods.  But our local and national policies don’t work in our favor—even though we’re the ones that are paying our fair share.

Instead, lobbyists and politicians like Senator Pat Toomey are creating policies that favor the interests of big banks and corporations over the well-being of our communities—and not only maintain their stronghold on our economy, but actually strengthen it.

That’s why we’re Fighting for Philly.  That’s why we’re showing what’s really going on in our communities.  Big interests and sellout politicians have been blind to blight for too long, and it’s time they open up their eyes and their ears.  And that’s exactly what we’re doing!

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  • cleanupphilly

    PHA was given record breaking sums of money, but it was wasted on corruption and a few headliner projects. The solution is not money alone. Every election cycle we play this game.