A Fair Shot at the American Dream?

Even though US House GOP Leader Eric Cantor chickened out of his long-planned lecture at the Wharton School of Business, Fight for Philly – along with a host of other organizations and community members and activists – still held a march and rally in his “honor.”

The purpose of this warm welcome was to highlight Cantor’s refusal to speak to the 99% of Americans, his policies with regard to income inequality, and his denial of responsibility for the creation of good jobs.

Cantor’s speech was allegedly about income and wealth inequality – problems that he recently suggested elected leaders should be doing something about (imagine that!).

His speech was titled “A Fair Shot at the American Dream Economic Growth,” and is no doubt a great topic, given that income inequality in this country is currently as high as it’s been since the Great Depression.

But how serious was Cantor’s speech going to be? An aide, in talking to the DC insider publication The Politico, said that speech would zero in on “how we make sure the people at the top stay there.”

The last time we checked, that’s one of the causes of wealth inequality, not one of the solutions!

But Cantor didn’t even try. In canceling the event, Mr. Cantor has let it be known that he just doesn’t think this issue is worth addressing.

Fight for Philly member Paula Wall was at the Locust Walk rally on Friday to share with the crowd her version of the American dream.  She asked Cantor – and all elected officials – to start paying attention to the people and communities being the hardest hit by this economy.

Here’s what she said:

“I’m here to talk about jobs. I’m from West Philadelphia, and I’m here to tell Eric Cantor that we want our jobs. We need good jobs. We need to go home, just like him, to be able to feed our families. Give back to our communities so we can stand up and survive.”

Watch the video here:

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