Senator Toomey: Quit Playing Games!

On Wednesday, joined by community members, coalition partners and Philly Occupiers, Fight for Philly engaged in some Monopoly-themed political theater.

With a vacant Community Chest, foreclosed properties, and a banker that pocketed the players’ money, our version of Monopoly resembled today’s reality of the unattainable American Dream: there aren’t any “chance” cards left for the 99%.

Watch the video:

Activists and passers-by were encouraged to roll the dice, but because they were part of the 99%, they didn’t fare too well.

But out from the office came “Senator Toomey,” who was invited to roll the dice “himself.” Amazingly, when he and the other 1% started playing, the box became filled with chance cards.

Not satisfied by our fake Senator Toomey, we let it be known—yet again—that the real Senator Toomey needs to meet with Philadelphians to discuss the state of our neighborhoods, schools, roads, bridges and overpasses.

Fight for Philly will continue to maintain a presence outside of his office until our senator recognizes the needs of his constituents.

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