1,000 March with Fight for Philly to Declare an Economic Emergency for the 99%

Philadelphians from across the city rallied yesterday at City Hall before marching to the Market Street Bridge, calling on Senator Pat Toomey and the rest of Congress to create jobs, stop cuts and Make Wall Street banks pay.

24 activists – many of whom are unemployed – were arrested for refusing to leave the Market Street Bridge.

Take a look at some of the pictures from yesterday:

It shouldn’t have to come to this. Philadelphians are struggling to find work while Senator Toomey and Congress are focused on delivering for the 1% instead of working to create jobs.

“My family, my neighborhood and our entire city are all hurting. We need Senator Toomey and Congress to start working for the 99%, creating jobs and helping rebuild an economy for American families, not just rich Wall Street bankers,” said George Webb, a carpenter and construction worker. “I have been out looking for work for two years, and everyday I’m worried about even keeping a roof over my head. We need Senator Toomey and Congress to create jobs right here on Market Street bridge and across the state.”

The Market Street Bridge, which is in as bad a state of disrepair as the collapsed Minneapolis bridge, is a vivid example of the many roads, schools and other infrastructure sites in need of repair.

In fact, more than a quarter of Philadelphia’s bridges share the same classification from the Federal Highway Administration.

Even if you missed the march, you can still stand with the 99% for jobs. Call Pat Toomey at 215-241-1090. In a few days, the super committee could make budget cuts that are likely to hurt the 99%, while the 1% still won’t pay their fair share.

When you call, tell Toomey to make wealthy corporations and the rich pay their fair share, so our communities can have jobs, not budget cuts.

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