June 2012

The 99% Needs a Raise

It is time to put money back in the hands of consumers and out of the pockets of the 1%. The 99% percent needs a much needed raise, especially in today’s economy.

Democratic Representative, Jesse Jackson Jr., called on Congress to raise the current minimum wage to from $7.25 to $10.00 an hour. Minimum wage has not been increased since 2007 and raising the minimum wage would lift the earnings of millions of Americans. Further, raising the pay of low-wage workers would help stimulate the economy after a long period of frugal spending because of empty of pockets.

In Philadelphia, it has become increasingly difficult for many low-wage workers to take care of themselves and a family. Too many of us know just how hard it is to feed our families and pay the rent on $7.25 an hour. It would be a godsend for many to see that $3 increase to their hourly pay. It would mean more food on the table and a better standard of living. We deserve better and we have worked too hard, for too long to watch this life changing opportunity fall to the waist side.

Those who are think the 99% does not need a raise, argue increasing pay would cause small business to lay off workers. But that is just not true, repeated academic studies have shown that, even in a recession, raising the minimum wage has little effect on jobs. It actually puts money back in the pockets of families, who will spend it.

Jesse Jackson Jr. said it best “We’ve bailed out banks, we’ve bailed out corporations, we’ve bailed out Wall Street…Now it’s time to bail out working people who work hard every day and they still only make $7.25. The only way to do that is to raise the minimum wage.”

Raising the pay of low wage workers is a no brainer, so it up to us to make sure this bill is passed. Sign the petition to urge those who repeatedly try to sway us from gaining equality and raise minimum wage.

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Say No to Well Fargo’s Payroll Contract Renewal

Wells Fargo’s payroll contract is up for final approval from Council. Wells Fargo’s payroll contract will be renewed this Thursday, UNLESS WE STOP IT! Join us!

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