Report: “Raising the Bar: Ensuring the That Airport Expansion Lifts All of Philadelphia”

Fight for Philly, which seeks to empower Philadelphia families to take action in their own communities, is releasing today “Raising the Bar: Ensuring That Airport Expansion Lifts All of Philadelphia.” The report offers prescriptions for the economic health of the city and region that include raising wages and benefits for these low-income airport workers.

The airport, a major economic engine for the city and region, supports over 141,000 jobs in the Philadelphia region and brings more than $14 billion in economic activity to the area, according to “Raising the Bar.” But, to cut costs, airlines at the airport long ago outsourced passenger service jobs to low-bid contractors.

A key recommendation of “Raising the Bar” is to implement at the airport the 21st Century Minimum Wage and Benefits Standard, the city living wage law that guarantees that workers hired by the city or by companies with direct city contracts make 150% of the federal minimum wage, or $10.88, plus paid sick days. Doing so would result in increased earnings and more jobs for all Philadelphians.

Fight for Philly is part of a coalition of community groups, including Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower & Rebuild (POWER), UNITE HERE and SEIU 32BJ to join Philadelphia airport workers at a community forum for good jobs at 3 p.m. on Saturday at the Grace Christian Fellowship, 6208 Grays Avenue, Philadelphia.  RSVP on Facebook here.

Read the report below, or download a PDF hereLeer en español aquí.

Raising the Bar_Ensuring That Airport Expansion Lifts All of Philadelphia



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