Fight for Philly Demands Jobs, Not Cuts in Harrisburg

On November 6th, Fight for Philly and community activists turned out in full force and helped President Obama achieve a second term!

We couldn’t be prouder of our city’s overwhelming response to re-electing President Obama, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of volunteers and staff. We all deserve credit for shaping the outcome of this historic election.

All told, Fight for Philly knocked on 20,925 doors and made contact with 7,719 Democratic voters in Pennsylvania.

Before the dust had even settled from the election, Fight for Philly traveled to Harrisburg for a “Jobs, Not Cuts” rally  to keep a watchful eye on our newly elected officials. The rally was part of a national day of action, with groups around the country reminding officials that they were elected to stand up for working people . Community activists and union members spoke to a crowd in front of Senator Casey’s office and demanded he not turn a blind eye to the people that got him elected.  “We helped get these officials re-elected…we had their backs and now it’s time they have ours! Trust me; we will not be asleep for these next four years. We will have our eyes on you!”  Said Marvin Robinson, a West Philadelphia Community Activist.

The crowd then turned their sights to Governor Corbett and marched from Senator Casey’s headquarters to Governor Corbett’s office in the Capitol Building. The Governor’s cuts to public services and benefits have left a bad taste in the mouths of many people in PA.  Protestors hand delivered signs like “Jobs, Not Cuts” and “We are watching you!” to his office.

We cannot allow Congress to hamstring our economy, cut access to vital services for those who need it most, and raise taxes on middle and working-class families. Congress needs to heed the will of the voters and focus on rebuilding the middle class and investing in jobs, not job-killing cuts.

Check out some photos from the day. The whole album can be found on our Facebook page. Just click here!

( L to R: (1.) Gathering in the Rotunda to let Gov. Corbett know “Jobs, Not Cuts!”, (2.)Energized protestors dance their way to Corbett’s office, (3.) Fight for Philly volunteer, Suzanne demanding a economy that works for everyone)

Click here to see photos and tweets from other states demanding better jobs.

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