Activists to protest Sen. Toomey’s vote hurting long-term unemployed

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jesse Kudler



Activists to protest Sen. Toomey’s vote hurting long-term unemployed
Protesters will tell Toomey to support crucial lifeline for long-term unemployed workers in slow economy 

Philadelphia, PA – Members of the Philadelphia Unemployment Project (PUP) and Fight for Philly, including unemployed workers, will march through the cold on Thursday to the Philadelphia office of Senator Pat Toomey, demanding he support an extension in unemployment benefits that help long-term unemployed workers. Sen. Toomey voted this month not to extend unemployment benefits.

Congress failed to extend emergency unemployment compensation before the new year, cutting off 1.3 million workers, including 12,000 from Philly and 86,900 from Pennsylvania, which has the fourth-highest total of unemployed workers collecting emergency long-term benefits.  70,000 more people will lose benefits every week Congress does not extend employment benefits.  Long-term unemployment remains as high as it has been since World War II.   There are currently about 3 unemployed workers for every job opening.   There is little evidence that ending benefits will force people to find jobs more quickly. 

Sen. Toomey has voted to extend unemployment insurance in the past, when George W. Bush was president, but he voted against an extention this month.  PUP and Fight for Philly are asking him to change his vote as emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) extension returns to the Senate.

Protesters will march, chant, carry signs, and tell stories of trouble finding work, demanding Pat Toomey support his constituents and vote to extend unemployment compensation.


Unemployed people and activists with Philadelphia Unemployment Project and Fight for Philly


Demand Sen. Toomey help the long-term unemployed!


Thursday, January 23, 11:00am (arrive Toomey’s office 11:15am)


PUP office, 112 N. Broad St., marching to Sen. Toomey’s office , 1628 John F. Kennedy Blvd.


Diverse crowd, signs, chants


Fight for Philly is a grassroots organization fighting for good schools, good jobs, a fair economy, and a city that works for all of us. * (215) 232-3792 *



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