“Trying to get by on $7.25 is not easy,” says PHL Airport Worker Nathaniel Smith

Nathaniel Smith, a baggage handler at Philadelphia International Airport, spoke at the Philly stop of the “Give America A Raise” bus tour last week.  The tour is crossing the country sharing stories of how important it is to raise the federal minimum wage to lift millions out of poverty and help our economy.  Nathaniel is one of the sub-contracted workers at the airport who falls through a loophole in Philadelphia’s 21st Century Minimum Wage and Benefit Standard law.  He doesn’t make the $10.88/hr minimum wage that the city requires contractors to pay.  But we’re going to change that on May 20 when we vote to give thousands of airport and sub-contracted workers a raise!

Read our report on poverty jobs at the airport here.

Watch the video below to hear how hard Nate works and how difficult it is getting by on low pay:

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