August 2014

Gov. Corbett, we need real money for Philly schools!

Bt-7bmVIYAAS-PY.jpg largeThe first day of school keeps getting closer, and the Philadelphia School District faces a major crisis.  Another huge budget gap is threatening more deep cuts and layoffs on top of last year’s “doomsdsay budget.”  The schools superintendent is expected to announce this Friday either that many teachers and school staff will be laid off or that schools won’t be able to open safely on time.

Despite our budget sit-in, the Republican-controlled General Assembly passed a party-line budget with little new money for Philadelphia schools.  The budget Gov. Corbett signed does almost nothing to help our schools open safely and on-time.  One small hope for getting a little money was a new cigarette tax just in Philadelphia, which the General Assembly had to approve.  Unfortunately, legislators would not even return from vacation just to let Philly tax itself, so the school district has no new money.  Now, Superintendent Hite is saying he’ll announce Friday either massive layoffs of teachers and staff or schools not opening on time.

Last week, the governor was in town to announce that he was giving advance funds to Philadelphia schools, but this isn’t actual new funding and does almost nothing to help schools.  So we turned out to protest, like we do every time the education-slashing governor is in town!  Check out a news report:
This was our second protest in a week calling out Gov. Corbett for his failure to fully fund Philly and Pennsylvania schools. Last week, we were also outside his Philly office, and Youth United for Change students did an amazing flash mob:

And here’s a news story:
We’ve also been canvassing across the city with PCAPS to pledge voters to support candidates who stand with us on Philadelphia education.

We’re keeping up the fight for Philadelphia schools until we get the full, fair funding our kids deserve!

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