Big Banks: Our Strategy

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Our Strategy
Our Banks are Too Big to Trust

The Fight for Philly campaign is partnering with communities, parents, students, and many other organizations to hold banks and corporations accountable.

We are asking the very same banks that claim that they are “here to help” to pay back the millions of public dollars that they cost our schools and our children when they steered us into these Wall St. engineered deals.

We have specific goals that will help us to achieve this:

  • We will urge our leaders to re-negotiate the damaging debt agreements that are currently in place.
  • We will advocate at School Reform Commission meetings, City Hall, and in front of banks, where we will testify to the damaging cuts to our schools.
  • We will activate our coalition to form a cohesive voice in defense of our education system and a just and creative solution.
  • We will rally, lobby, march and petition these banking behemoths to pay back cancellation fees and re-negotiate current debt agreements with our city and schools.

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