Why My Boyfriend Is Mean To Me

types of abusive persons

As the love increases, automatically problems will also rises. Some men can easily tackle those problems and stay strong in their relationship. But there are some men, who could not tolerate those problems. It is mainly because of their angry nature and short temper attitude. This will make a man to show his anger towards his girlfriend and that will create a big problem in their relationship.

In case, your boyfriend is mean to you, then don’t get fear or angry, it is not the right way to handle him. Just have a close look at this article to know further.

In general, abusive people will always the peoples surround by them. They will be selfish, control others behavior and independence, showing their cruelty nature to them. The mean boyfriends will use their verbal, emotional, sexual physical, identity and financial abuse against their women.

Different types of abusive persons:

  • Mr./Ms. Right

This kind of person will never agree their mistake and they will always stand in their words. This attitude will make the partner to feel bad about the nature of their partner.

  • The demand person

Those persons will be very selfish. They will get tension, if they did not get what they want. This is one of the most important reasons he is being mean to you.

  • The Player

This person will mostly play with the human feelings and will satisfy their needs. Mainly they will use their girlfriends to have sex by taking in an impressive way.

  • Mr./Ms. Sensitive

This kind of person will never shout and argue. They will just satisfy all their needs emotionally from their partners. This is worst than being selfish.

  • The Victim

This kind of person will always take the mistakes on them. They are ready to get victimized and lose their relationship.

  • Rambo

Rambo persons will never give respect to anyone. Even the elder people can never expect any kind of respects from them. Being Rambo is also the key reason, why he is mean to you.

  • Addicted abuser or mentally ill

Mainly it is known as anti social personality disorder. This kind of person has become more dangerous after they became mentally unstable and addicted abuser.

  • The Terrorist

The terrorist control people along with causing fear in them. This is one kind of mood, which makes a boyfriend to be mean to his girlfriend.

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