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Why My Boyfriend Is Mean To Me

types of abusive persons

As the love increases, automatically problems will also rises. Some men can easily tackle those problems and stay strong in their relationship. But there are some men, who could not tolerate those problems. It is mainly because of their angry nature and short temper attitude. This will make a man to show his anger towards his girlfriend and that will create a big problem in their relationship.

Talk With Husband About Sexual Problems

sexual problems

Talking about sex is hard, and telling the person you love about sex problems, or about addiction to porn hd, is even awkward. It might feel impossible to start a conversion and feel things harder. In my opinion, every couple should discuss their sexual life and how happy you are in sex. It is necessarily true, and I keep practicing discuss with my partner.

Why Open Relationships Don’t Work

open relationships are bad

In general, an open relationship is a particular type of relationship status. Here both men and women should agree with each other to get sexually or physically intimate with some other people. The open relationships are bad because if you get involved in this process, you have to allow your women to have sex with some other men even after the marriage. You will never have any rights to stop them.